CU Startup Weekend Teams!


CU Boulder Startup Weekend is well underway! Here are the teams that formed after Friday’s pitches. Want to see the final presentations on Sunday? Get your ticket here.

3D Toys

Team 3D Toys is developing a mobile application to deal with the issue that there is too much mindless media out there for our children.  Their mobile app will allow kids to select pieces of their favorite toys (think legos) and allow parents to order the parts to be 3D printed and shipped back for their children.  The team is encouraging creativity and design through technology. The team is made up of Danny, Martin, Trevor, Alex, Alex, Heidi, and Tony.  Exciting things to come as they head out of Spark to interview parents and children on the streets of Boulder.

UV Bracelet

Team UV Bracelet is creating a bracelet that will start preventing and stop burning.  This photochromatic silicon bracelet helps you determine the amount of harmful UV rays that you are exposed to by changing colors. The team is comprised of Harris and Max who are looking for someone to chat with who understand more about chemical engineering. We look forward to the judges’ reaction to this burning idea.

I’m On A Mission

Are you in the middle of starting a business?  Our teams sure are and Team “I’m On A Mission” is here to help.  It is often hard to connect with the people and resources you need when starting a company / business.  There are so many websites and resources that it can often seem confusing and overwhelming where to start.  This team is building a seamless user interface that aggregates the benefits of Craigslist, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, and AngelList.  Kirk, Kyle, and Shane are looking for folks to signup and start utilizing their designs. You can check them out at

Go Brush

Tired of carrying around a toothbrush and toothpaste when you go backpacking? The Go Brush team is bringing a natural toothbrush, made from the roots and branches of the Salvadora persica tree, to the US market. Targeting the outdoor community, they hope to make it painless to keep your teeth clean while backpacking through the wild. Check them out at Good luck Hussna, Isaac (x2), Andrew, Ashlee, and Aaron!


Have you tried sorting through the hundreds or even thousands of pictures at an event in order to find those pictures of you? The Festpix team is working to make it easier for you to find all of the pictures that you are in at a festival.  You can currently find them at, though they’ll be tranferring over to soon. We look forward to seeing the mugs of Colton, Alex, James, and Mark as they present this unique solution.

Congo Foundation

Congo is launching their foundation this weekend to incentivise the world’s greatest minds to solve the world’s largest problems. No platform exists today to bring like minds together to solve the needs of your world, country, or city. Their rockstar team: Willy, Tyler, Joe, Jamie, Matt, Trevor, and Alexander.


Even though the United States has a 200 year supply of natural gas reserves, there is currently no way for trucking fleets to connect with the natural gas station developers. Servo (slang for station in Australia) is working to solve this problem by creating a network of gas station developers and providing this network to the trucking fleets to ensure longer sustainability.  You can find them at  The team: Brian, Tim, Nathan, Miles, and Robert.


Hydroponics is revolutionizing indoor home gardens. If you’ve ever tried it yourself though, you’ll have noticed that it’s difficult to keep the right level of nutrients to keep your fish and plants alive. The Easyponics team is changing the game by introducing a simple sensor that connects to the cloud to monitor your hydroponic ecosystem. Right now the team is on a field trip to see how hydroponics work in the wild, we can’t wait to see what they come up with! The team: Ryan, Stuart, Mike, Jerome, Evelynn, Jonah, and Micah.


We’ve all been approached by a homeless person at some point in our lives and have likely all wrestled with wanting to help them out but not knowing where the money you give them actually goes.  This team is using technology to create a mobile application that will allow users to purchase specific items for a homeless individual.  These items can range from a simple meal at a nearby establishment to a night in a shelter.  You might even be able to donate classes to help get them back on their feet.  You can follow along at Their big hearted team is comprised of Lorne, Satya, Trevor, and John.


We’re excited to see how these teams validate their ideas and launch MVPs! Join us Sunday for the final pitches and to see who takes home the win!