Team statuses, with 3 hours left and counting!


We’re well into the last day of CU Boulder Startup Weekend! Most team’s are solidifying their business model and moving towards building their pitch. Let’s see what each one is up to. To see where they started from, check out yesterday’s post.

Still haven’t bought your ticket to see the final pitches? Get your ticket here. It’s going to be epic!

Call Your Mother

Yesterday we completely missed interviewing the Family Fusion team as they got an early start and were already validating the market, sorry guys! David, Dylan, and Brad win the award for most pivots, hands down. They joined forces Friday night to help the elderly take the right medication in the right dosage. By Saturday morning, they found existing solutions for two of their ideas, and pivoted towards using family relationships to help grandparents take the right meds. Today they’ve shifted again, to focus on fixing family relationships and dropping the medication angle entirely. Call Your Mother is an app that connects you to your mother in one click using the Twilio API, and prompts you with conversation starters. Let’s fix the family dynamics one phone call at a time!


Avava is building toys to expand your kid’s imagination. Use their online platform to customize the parts of your personalized toy, and join the online community to enter a whole new world of imagination with your creation. They’re outside the walls of Spark right now to see what the Sunday morning crowd of Boulder thinks of their mobile app MVP.


We haven’t seen team UVwear this morning, we suspect they’ve hit the road to find warmer skies and beaches to validate the need. Well, maybe not the beach, but we’ll see. They’re helping you to know when you need sunscreen or shade with the help of a bracelet that changes colors under different levels of UV radiation. We hope to see them back this afternoon with some awesome user data.

I’m On A Mission

How do you find the talent you need to solve worthwhile causes? I’m On A Mission helps people with causes find people willing to donate their time. Think Kickstarter for talent. Today they’re working on validating their business model. Help them out by signing up on their landing page.

Go Brush

Team Go Brush is on the streets right now helping people keep their teeth clean. In the last day they’ve narrowed their target market towards the traveling industry, whether you’re backpacking or at a multi-day festival. We’re happy to say you can buy your own right now at! We’ve bought ours (and used them!), let’s help them sell out by 5pm!


Festpix is still steaming ahead, helping you find pictures of you from the hundreds that get taken at festivals through the use of RFID chips. They hit the streets yesterday, aiming for the mostly sober folks on the Hill during St. Patty’s day. We’re looking forward to hearing what they learned today! Check out the start of their MVP here:

Congo Foundation

The Congo Foundation is busy making video testimonials for their pitch. There is a lot of energy on this team. Yesterday they spent time with the people of Boulder ideating around charities. Let’s change the world together!


Servo’s been hacking away on their MVP and building mockups for their UI. We’ll see if they can completely revolutionize the trucking industry by switching trucking fleets to natural gas. Coming soon:


Growing your own hydroponics usually involves killing fish until you get the hang of it. Never again. Easyponics is giving you the data you need, and the advice with it, to keep your fish and plants alive. Yesterday they went on a field trip to tour a local Aquaponics company, and today they’re focused on validating with their end consumers.


Let’s reverse the conversation you have with the homeless. Instead of the homeless begging you for your last few cents from that latte you just bough, HelpMore has built an app that allows you to purchase specific items for the homeless. They’ve had over 60 responses to their survey, and have talked to users on both sides of the equation. Check out their progress at